Looking for Factory Brother


The afternoon heat is scorching, the blue sky carves out the fluffy clouds, tropical wood smells intoxicating, indeed. The rhythm of life goes like this: you start early, you work, you make life, you make friends, you hold each moment with care, and you go home. The primordial life of this land is breathing by your side. Listening to the mother nature, you nourish your spirits, calm your mind, and reach into your deeper self.

Our machines lack guardians. We are looking for someone with professional training in mechanical/industrial engineering. As a machine-guardian, you will be in charge of mechanical troubleshooting, equipment repairing, parts replacement, test run and set up, mechanical drawing and blueprint reading. For your information, ours are woodworking machines like planers and molders. But we also make charcoal, so there is a big charcoal production facility to care for. Experiences in related area will be utmost helpful, so be prepared to talk about them during the interview. It’s something like a Junior Executive we are looking for. But if you have other skills and experiences that suit our current needs, we may further discuss your salary and position. Otherwise, the salary will be around RM3000 per month.


At work, uniforms will be provided. The factory is located on the outskirts of Kota Tinggi, Johor. It’s a wood-based manufacturing plant that produces pallets, finger-joint wood, boxes, crates and charcoal. You will use company-provided car and mobile phone at work.

Most of our operators are foreign workers. They are all trained to speak Malay. You will be expected to communicate with them in fair confidence. We’d hope that you own a driving license, can perform basic computing tasks like Microsoft, and use modern mobile devices fairly well.


Growth at work largely depends on your personal attitude, capabilities, and ambition. Our company is a traditional manufacturing business looking forward to embrace improvements. So for example, if you have management expertise, you can be further trained to become production manager. If you have successful marketing experiences, you can collaborate and contribute in our marketing efforts. If you have quality control training, you can help improve our quality control system. As far as I notice, our company directors prefer promoting people who show a steady commitment, loyalty and a positive attitude at work. So my advice would be: work with all your heart, for us and for yourself too.

The goal of this hiring is to ensure that all factory equipment, machinery, and facilities are properly maintained, immediately and efficiently repaired,  so that we can meet our production targets and schedule. So, there will be a probationary period of three months after you’ve been employed. Other HR regulations simply follow Malaysia government’s labor law. So you don’t have to worry about too much bureaucracy or administration. It’s more about getting the job done than anything else. Also, we hope you are planning to stay on the job. We won’t tie you down with contract, but, despite everything, we still hope to find a permanent family member.



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