People Philosophy

Here is our people philosophy: We believe people are here with us to make life, build family, and contribute to the society and environment through meaningful work. We believe that the great things in life start out small, humble, but diligent. We believe in true factory kinship because to work is to live. We believe in equal opportunity. Anyone who demonstrate a true commitment to work and growth will be promoted and trusted regardless of country, background, race, educational or vocational level. We believe in an optimistic future. People are creative creatures with free minds and will. We can make things happen despite whatever happens to us. We do not believe because such slogans sound cool. But because we actually experience them. We actually see how humble people grow and rise to important positions in the company. We actually overcome barriers, conflicts and problems to attain better work-life. We actually observe brothers, sisters, friends, and enemies forming in the factory and how they bring much stories and fun into work. Which strengthens my belief that to work is to live. Which prompts me to write this blog.